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John Paul II's holy monks Rapists-Priests in Switzerland

Updated February 10, 2011 More rapists-priests in Switzerland revealed

The Vatican owns all the Swiss Banks that is why there is the exclusive Swiss Guard Army at the Vatican. There very few Catholics in Switzerland compared to the hundreds of millions of Catholics in Mexico, Brazil, Philippines but these countries will never qualify to be Swiss Guards. It has to do with the Vatican Swiss Banks, yes, God and Mammon. Switzerland is a neutral country and therefore the Vatican Bank can safely deposit all the wealth in the world especially of the despots in Third World countries like Marcos in the Swiss Banks. See our earlier post Benedict XVI, Marcos Gold & Billions & Jesuits

As we write this there is the billionaires and heads of states and financial institutions annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland...

John Paul II must not be called a "saint" by children of this generation and all generations to come because he had the longest papacy of 26 years and he did absolutely NOTHING to stop his John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army. Listen to this man why pedophile priests are in reality rapists. John Paul II was the most callous hearted pope because it didn't bother him one bit that Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston transferred 80 pedophiles rapists-priests from one parish to another in Boston where they raped hundreds of little boys. See our related articles "Catholics can emulate Jews [who hunted down Nazi officers] by hunting down pedophile priests’ officers Benedict XVI & Bishops into the World Court"

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The Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were both an inherently evil all-male elite hierarchy born from the Devil's bowels

Benedict XVI Ratzinger: God's Rottweiler

Commentary on John L. Allen Jr 'Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis' in All Things Catholic

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World Radio Switzerland
Thursday, 27 January, 2011, 17:27

Monastery sex abuse cases claim 40 victims

Fifteen monks were found guilty of sexual abuse at a monastery in Einsiedeln, in central Switzerland, in cases stretching back over six decades, an investigative panel said on Thursday.

The panel said there were at least 40 victims, with the majority of the cases occurring in the 1960s and 1970s.

The cases only began to come to light when preventive measures were introduced in 1998.

Nine of the monks found guilty committed indecent acts on children, the panel said.

Three monks were found to be ring leaders and the notion of sexual abuse at the monastery had become accepted, the investigators said.

For the first time last year, the Catholic Church in Switzerland compiled detailed statistics of cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and other pastoral workers.

Listen as to why sexual abuse by priests should be called RAPE.

Pope Benedict: Blame The Devil!


Church announces more sex abuse cases
World Radio Switzerland

Church authorities in Switzerland say investigations are underway into two more cases of sexual abuse by priests—one in canton Geneva and the other in canton Vaud.

The two priests have been suspended from duty during the inquiry.

Last month, an investigative panel looking into cases of sexual abuse at the monastery in Einsiedeln in central Switzerland said 15 monks were guilty of offences over the past 60 years and there were about 40 victims.

Swiss diocese suspends 2 priests after allegations they sexually abused minors


GENEVA (AP) — A Roman Catholic diocese in western Switzerland has suspended two priests after allegations they sexually abused minors.

The diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg says information on one priest in the canton of Geneva has been submitted to local prosecutors.

It says the second case in neighboring canton Vaud concerns allegations that have passed the statute of limitations.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mexico mounts worldwide campaign against John Paul II beatification. No mandate from the New York Times.

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Mexico mounts a worldwide campaign against the beatification of John Paul II, they should for they are the people of Our Lady of Guadalupe

John L. Allen Jr showers Cardinal Castrillon’s sex abuse cover up with roses that make the Devil's bowels smell good on Ratzinger Benedict XVI and JP2

Benedict XVI Ratzinger: God's Rottweiler

"No mandate from the Times"... oh really, why don't you tell that to the Boston Globe who ousted Cardinal Bernard Law in Boston

Friday, January 21, 2011

Benedict XVI's endless pathological lies, John Paul II versus Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bertone and Vatican hypocrisy on Berlusconi

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Stella Maris

John Paul II versus Our Lady of Guadalupe: The contrast between two Catholic Suns

John Paul II Millstone

Bertone and Vatican hypocrisy on Berlusconi (who slept with 1 paid minor)...but John Paul II allowed thousands of priests to freely rape boys

Full article here

Cardinal Bertone came out speaking during a church event in Rome about an investigation on Italy's Prime Minister Berlusconi who is suspected to have paid a 17-year-old prostitute and other women for sex at parties in his villa near Milan. (“Paid” means it was consensual like Tiger Wood’s paid young mistresses). Cardinal Bertone said: "The Church pushes and invites everyone, above all those who hold public responsibility in any administrative, political and judicial area, to be committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness," Now isn’t this an absolute hypocrisy on Cardinal Bertone’s and the Vatican’s part because who else had the highest administrative public responsibility if not the all powerful Pope at the Vatican John Paul II, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinals and Bishops like Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston) who held ” public responsibility in…administrative area” but they were not at all “committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness” because they enabled thousands of pedophile priests to continuously rape thousands of little boys and pubescent boys – who were not consensual at all with these priests - unlike this paid starlet of Berlusconi? And these rapes by priests occurred for over a quarter of a century under John Paul II’s Holy See watch and he is now to be the fastest saint to be canonized? So what kind of double standard of morality are Cardinal Bertone, Benedict XVI and the Vatican demonstrating here right before the whole world to see?

Compare these Catholic sinners and secular criminals

Sinners & criminals - Victims - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Theology and John Paul II are heartless and together they made the immoral Fr. Marcial Maciel thrive

Spiritual healing, the Eucharist and the Rosary bring NEITHER JUSTICE NOR SAFETY FOR CHILDREN, the preys of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

The French Revolution at the Vatican might start in England with the arrest of Benedict XVI led by the British Dawkins and Hitchens

Opus Dei female symbol for John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

John L. Allen Jr of NCR is the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

Benedict XVI is the mythomaniac of the 21st century!!!

See GAY Benedict XVI's eyes swell to see these half naked male acrobats

Proof of Benedict XVI is GAY

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

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The Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were both an inherently evil all-male elite hierarchy born from the Devil's bowels

John Paul II the Pope of Pedophilia (by Danish cartoonist of Mohammed)
"I am against Homosexuality, but for Pedophilia"

The ugly John Paul II a few weeks before his death in 2005 See

John Paul II did not have the charity of Mother Teresa

The defenders of Santo Subito John Paul II and his pedophile priests are using technicality of words to sugar-coat, sweeten and refine pedophile priests by saying that they are not really “pedophiles” because the boys they sodomized were above the child age limit, “Most clergy sex offenders are not pedophiles.” Eighty percent of accusers were post-pubescent teens, and not children, when abuse was alleged to have occurred.”(see a most recent article below) so we are going to add the word “rapists” to priests with a hyphen to make them unequivocal, plural, indisputable and within its true historical context in the last quarter of the 20th Century. Behold the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army aptly named after the longest reigning pope who did absolutely nothing to stop this evil under his Holy See watch of 26 years as he trotted as ‘John Paul II the Great’ around the globe and wrote the most number of books, encyclicals and speeches but not once did he write or speak-up to protect little boys or post-pubescent teens from his thousands of rapists-priests and in fact, he brought to join him in the glory of Rome Cardinal Bernard Law who resigned in disgrace after he confessed and admitted to aiding and abetting more than 80 pedophiles rapists-priests in Boston! John Paul II knew very well of the existence of the Pedophiles Rapists-Priests within his papacy but he ignored and denied them and preferred to waste his time by beatifying and canonizing more then 1,500 dead people. Nonetheless, the 6,000 Pedophiles Rapists-Priests in the USA alone and other thousands around the world outnumber all those new saints and blesseds. The Pedophiles Rapists-Priests like the Nazis were born out of the Devil’s bowels and John Paul II allowed them to thrive within his 26 years papacy hence they will forever be called as the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army.

Rapists-priests are really the predators of the most heinous crimes against children as they raped little boys against their will by using their priestly powers and “holy” charms to satiate their evil lusts and Fr. Marcial Maciel is one of their poster boys and Cardinal Bernard Law is one of the best known Catholic Church hierarchy complicits in pedophile priests crimes. Anyone trying to defend pedophile priests should think of Fr. Marcial Maciel immediately to understand the evil of it all...and none of his thousands of Legion of Christ priests (inspired by his holiness or whatever) can un-do his past pedophile crimes just like the good priests (in the article below) during the Nazis cannot un-do the crimes of the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army.

Whether it was by force or by seduction or by the deceit of the odor of priestly sanctity, hundreds of thousands of little boys and post-pubescent teens were raped by thousands of “holy” priests inside “holy Catholic churches”, confessionals, sacristies, homes, etc. None of those priestly rapes were consensual just like Fr. Marcial Maciel and his silent victims were not sexually consensualjust like the silent Jews were not consensual as they were shoved into the gas chambers. ‘Holy Father’ Maciel even repeatedly raped his own biological son and John Paul II as Head of the “Holy See” could not “see” because he refused to "see" that like the Nazis, Fr. Marcial Maciel and his JPII Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were an inherently evil all-male hierarchy.

In the United States alone, the victims of John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army are double those of the victims of 9⁄11 World Trade Center attacks and four times the victims of the Pearl Harbor attack. This is not counting their innumerable victims in Ireland, Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. If the 5,000 victims of September 11 merit an annual memorial, the 12,000 victims of the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army should also deserve a commemoration each year in the United States of America. We will soon post the description of the monument of the John Paul II Millstone before he is speedily beatified and canonized by Benedict XVI.

We reiterate that the Nazis were an all-male hierarchy made up of the most educated elite in Germany and they dined on the best wine and played and listened to the classical music of Wagner as they shoved the Jews into the gas chambers. Likewise, the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army also are made up of only all-male hierarchy of the most educated men in the Catholic Church and they dined on the best wine of the Eucharist as they transformed the wine into the Blood of Christ and with the same holy priestly hands they raped and sodomized countless hundreds of thousands of altar boys within “holy churches” and “holy rectories”. The music of the JP2 Army was in Latin, the Tantum Ergo, the Agnus Dei, the Gloria and Kyrie Eleison.

John Paul II broke Church laws by canonizing saint Maximilian Kolbe as a “martyr” when in fact he was not killed in odium Fidei (i.e. out of hatred for the Faith). John Paul II defied his commission's findings that Kolbe was not a true martyr but ‘he viewed the systematic hatred and persecution of the Nazis as inherently evil, creating an atmosphere that by its very nature and act was overtly hostile to religious belief, intrinsically against any respect for life, and averse to any moral values’ which happened to be the atmosphere where Kolbe lived in. (

It is quite ironic that John Paul II beatified and canonized more than 1,500 dead people and not once did he defrock one living pedophile rapist-priest among the thousands alive during his lifetime as pope – including those pedophile priests that Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston confessed to transferring from one parish to another to sodomize more little boys or those 600 pedophile priests whom Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles protect up to today and are free to roam and sodomize more boys because there is no Catholic Registry of Pedophile Priests. How can John Paul II be speedily canonized into a saint by Benedict XVI when he could not see during his lifetime as Pope that pedophiles and rapists-priests were like the Nazis – “inherently evil, creating an atmosphere that by its very nature and act was overtly hostile to religious belief, intrinsically against any respect for life, and averse to any moral values”??

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 rapists-priests - John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (the Vatican Trinity: Opus Dei controlled the 26+ years papacy of JP2)


Latest article defending pedophile priests and the Vatican’s complicit role : Catholic Scandal and the Third Reich: Rise and Fall of a Moral Panic`

The article "Catholic Scandal and the Third Reich: Rise and Fall of a Moral Panic" of Gordon McRae is deceiving Catholics and the world by arousing pity for pedophiles rapists-priests by reminding them of the priests caught and imprisoned by Adolf Hitler. Maybe those 325 priests were good priests during the Nazi regime -- but they do not and cannot in any way un-do and rectify the decades of pedophilia and rape that THOUSANDS of the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army did -- during the reign of John Paul II and therefore he cannot be called a "saint" by children of this generation and all generations to come because he absolutely did nothing to save one single boy and he did not try to stop one pedophile rapist-priest among the thousands during his papacy.

Gordon McRae is arousing a martyr-syndrome for priests so that Catholics will sympathize with all those other pedophiles rapists-priests is tantamount to the Legion of Christ priests trying to ask for compassion from the victims of Fr. Marcial Maciel so that they will forget and forgive the past of his pedophiliac and rape crimes and eventually Fr. Marcial Maciel can go on to be their ‘Holy Father’ and be a “saint” like John Paul II. See Vatican asks victims to see church as ally in fighting abuse is as preposterous if the Legion asked Fr. Maciel’s victims to see Legionaries as allies

For Christmas we posted that “The Devil's bowels smell like roses at the Vatican” wherein we pointed out the all-male hierarchy of the Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army were similar. And now this article in Spero appears pointing out about priests during the Nazis as a response to our article because Spero belongs (in secret) to the Opus Dei. It is up to the world to judge how Vatican media-spinners like Spero will go on and on to defend the pedophiles rapists-priests through blame of the Devil and others which Benedict XVI so eloquently has been doing and now Spero is following Benedict XVI’s pathological lies and deceiving footsteps and what papal preacher Cantalamessa did during Holy Week 2010 by comparing the Catholic Church’s pedophile priests to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, see our related article The Devil's bowels smell like roses in the Vatican

So based on "Catholic Scandal and the Third Reich: Rise and Fall of a Moral Panic" Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei and their Vatican trillion dollars Bank paid media-spinners are using the strategy of Adolf Hitler to canonize John Paul II. Adolf Hitler said. “The great mass of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Their big lie is that saint John Paul II never knew about pedophiles rapist-priests during his 26+ years papacy, a papacy which Opus Dei controlled its every word and its every move through Opus Dei Joaquin Navarro-Valls and the elite all-male Opus Dei that controls the Vatican in secret up to today.

Five of the biggest proofs that John Paul II knew of the massive crimes of pedophile priests were: 1) Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston who confessed and admitted to his transferring of more than 80 pedophile priests from one parish to another and he resigned in disgrace but John Paul II elevated him back to grace by appointing him as Archpriest of the ‘mother of all basilicas in Rome, the St. Mary Maggiore; 2) Fr. Marcial Maciel, the serial pedophile priest and founder of the Legionaries of Christ who sodomized his own biological son, he was a constant companion of John Paul II and some of his victims wrote that John Paul II allowed Maciel to have orgasms from little boys as part of his therapy. 3) Fr. Tony Walsh, the serial pedophile priest of Ireland whom Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asked John Paul II to dismiss but refused, 4)Fr. Tom Doyle who submitted his research to John Paul II about pedophile priests in New Orleans in 1985 see related articles below. 5)John Paul II wrote a short one and only one “Letter to priest” before he went to his last World Youth Day in 2002 admitting to the most evil sin in the Catholic Church.

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Benedict XVI condemns abuse of children by priests 3 DECADES LATE…Cardinal Ratzinger Pope B16 is a pathological liar

Benedict XVI angers Jewish groups for declaring “Venerable” Pius XII who did nothing during Holocaust… like John Paul II did nothing for clergy abuse

Benedict approved a decree attesting to John Paul's heroic virtues but he is "brought to nothing" by St. Paul

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The Roman Catholic Church is no longer « Holy ». All Catholic churches, sacristies, rectories are not «holy» but potential priestly pedophile places

The Devil’s bowels smell like roses in the Vatican

What thinking? The Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI foundation was set up to "promote research and studies on the thinking of professor Joseph Ratzinger"

Commentary on John L. Allen Jr 'Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis' in All Things Catholic

John L Allen Jr. cements Benedict’s pathological lies

John Paul II clone Cardinal George must resign as President of Catholic Bishops Conference of the USA

John Paul II, VOTF, Diamond Bride Mother Angelica

John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army

Latin is not a mother tongue and therefore cannot be the “official language” of the Vatican. Why must the Vatican Bank be above all banks?

Faith, BLESSED NEWMAN, prayers, Christ-CRUCIFIX never protected children and can never bring justice to victims of John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

The Vatican is not a Country as other European Countries. It’s an artificial State created by Mussolini in 1929. It now wants power in European Union

The John Paul II Millstone

The Roman Catholic Church is no longer « Holy ». All Catholic churches, sacristies, rectories are not «holy» but potential priestly pedophile places

Pope Benedict, what the Church need are not more "reflections" but financial compensations for victims and a "Catholic Registry of Pedophile Priests"

It is time for the French Revolution at the Vatican: Benedict XVI must resign, Cardinal Bernard Law et al must resign …Shut-down the Vatican

See Canon Law and John Paul II, the Vatican & Benedict XVI never saved children nor excommunicated pedophile priests during last quarter of 20th Century

Benedict XVI is a mixed-up Pope. The Catholic Church is the safest haven for criminals

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

Benedict XVI's fourth bite: mass excommunications of Catholic groups

Benedict XVI in Google Video - SEX CRIMES AND THE VATICAN

Benedict XVI and his infallible powers

John Paul II portrait by Danish artist

Rome's 3 GAY priests caught in video at gay clubs and having casual flings'

From Fatima, Jacinta would throw the first stone at John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army‏ to defend her little brothers and sisters

John Paul II miraculously cures his German barber of hernia in Rome… as the John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army jolts Germany

New book on John Paul II ‘Why He's a Saint’ is a pack of lies


Catholic Scandal and the Third Reich: Rise and Fall of a Moral Panic

by Gordon MacRae

“The great mass of people … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, Ch. 10 (1925)

Eight months ago, I posted a tribute to Saint Maximilian Kolbe on the April 28th anniversary of his ordination. I made a controversial point in that post: Almost without exception, the typical claims of abuse by Catholic priests so roiling the news media were alleged to have happened thirty to forty years ago.

“Go back just another thirty to forty years,” I wrote, “and you will find yourself right in the middle of the Nazi horror that engulfed Europe and claimed the lives of six million Jews and millions of others.” I suggested that Catholics should not accept what some would now impose: that the Catholic Church is to be the moral scapegoat of the Twentieth Century. (Our note: This is a very misleading line, the Catholic Church denies that it is part of the crimes against humanity in every generation and this time against children, it is not a scapegoat but rather a criminal alwaya dressed in angelic forms through the pathological lies of the pope, see our related aticles)

A reader responded to that insight by sending me a rather startling document. As I began to read it, I almost tossed it aside dismissing it as just another sensational headline. You might be tempted to do the same. Resist that temptation, please, and keep reading:

“There are cases of sexual abuse that come to light day against a large number of the Catholic clergy. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of individual cases, but a collective moral crisis that perhaps the cultural history of humanity has never before known with such a frightening and disconcerting dimension. Numerous priests and religious have confessed. There’s no doubt that the thousands of cases which have come to the attention of the justice system represent only a small fraction of the true total, given that many molesters have been covered and hidden by the hierarchy.”

This isn’t an editorial in yesterday’s New York Times, nor is it the opening gun in a new lawsuit by Jeffrey Anderson. It also isn’t a quote from S.N.A.P. or V.O.T. F. It is part of a speech delivered on May 28, 1937 by Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich.

As a direct result of Goebbels’ speech, 325 Catholic priests representing every diocese in Germany were arrested and sent to prison. The story was uncovered by Italian sociologist and author, Massimo Introvigne and republished by According to Mr. Introvigne, the term “moral panic” is a modern term used since the 1970s “to identify a social alarm created artificially by amplifying real facts and exaggerating their numbers” and by “presenting as ‘new’ events which in reality are already known and which date to the past.”

It all has a terribly familiar ring. Though “moral panic” wasn’t a term used in 1937, it describes exactly what Joseph Goebbels was called upon by the Third Reich to create. And the propaganda campaign, like the current one, had nothing to do with protecting children. It was launched by the Third Reich because of a 1937 Papal Encyclical by Pope Pius XI entitled “Mit brennender Sorge” – “With burning concern” – in which the Pope condemned Nazi ideology. According to Matthew Cullinan Hoffman of, the encyclical was smuggled out of Rome into Germany and read from every pulpit in every Catholic parish in the Reich.


How the Massimo Introvigne article came to me makes for an interesting aside. It was sent to me by a victim of sexual abuse perpetrated twenty-two years ago by a priest in my diocese, a priest with whom I once served in ministry. The young man he violated has worked to overcome his anger and to embrace the grace of forgiveness. He sought and obtained a modest settlement for the abuse he suffered years ago, and he used it for counseling expenses. This man is a reader of These Stone Walls who recently wrote to me:

“I have been scouring the Internet and doing a great deal of reading … For what it is worth, I believe you are serving an unjust sentence for a crime you did not commit. If I do not do everything in my power to be of assistance to you, I would be committing a grave sin.”

That is certainly a far different reaction than the rhetoric of most other claimants against priests and their “advocates” among contingency lawyers and the victim groups that are receiving major donations from contingency lawyers. My more recent exchanges with this man lead me to conclude something I have long believed: that the people most repulsed and offended by false claims of abuse and the rhetoric of a witch hunt should be the real victims of sexual abuse.

It is no longer the Nazi state that stands to win big from the creation of a moral panic targeting the Catholic Church and priesthood. But the current propaganda campaign is little different in either its impetus or its result.

Dr. Thomas Plante, Ph.D., a professor of Psychology at Santa Clara University, published an article entitled “Six important points you don’t hear about regarding clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church” (Psychology Today, March 24, 2010). Dr. Plante’s conclusions from studying the empirical data are far different from what you may read in any propaganda campaign – either the 1937 one or the one underway now.

These are Dr. Plante’s conclusions:

“Catholic clergy are not more likely to abuse children than other clergy or men in general.” [As I pointed out in "Due Process for Accused Priests," priests convicted of sexual abuse account for no more than three (3) out of 6,000 incarcerated, paroled, and registered sex offenders.]

“Clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic church cannot be blamed on celibacy.” The majority of men convicted of sexual abuse are married and/or divorced.
“Almost all of the clergy sexual abuse cases that we hear about in the news are from decades ago,” most from the 1960s to 1970s. (These are false)

“Most clergy sex offenders are not pedophiles.” Eighty percent of accusers were post-pubescent teens, and not children, when abuse was alleged to have occurred.”“There is much to be angry about,” Dr. Plante concluded, but anger about the above media-fueled misconceptions is misplaced Why this isn’t clearer in the secular press is no mystery. As one observer of the news media wrote, “More than illness or death, the American journalist fears standing alone against the whim of his owners or the prejudice of his audience.” Lewis Lapham, Money and Class in America, Ch. 9, (1988).

Fr. Gordon J. MacRae edits His writings from prison have appeared in First Things, The Catholic Response, Catalyst, Op-ed News, Spero News, and many on-line Catholic venues. The above article was modified from one that originally appeared at (FIRST THINGS AND ALL THESE OTHER NEWS BELONG TO OPUS DEI)


Victims of pedophiles rapists-priests continue to suffer even after 35 years

Joey Piscitelli, Northern California director for the Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests, isn't buying it. "They have aided, abetted, shuffled, protected and promoted known child rapists for decades, and that's criminal behavior," he said.

Piscitelli, who says he was molested by a Salesian priest, won a $5 million settlement award against the order after a jury trial in 2006.

Chevedden accused the Jesuits of negligence in his brother's death and in 2007 and settled with the order for $1.6 million.

He said the Lynch case is another example of how victims of abuse suffer for a long time. "It's disturbing to see how long-lasting and traumatic the abuse is to the victims ... that after 35 years it still has a strong impact," Chevedden said.


Duty and prejudice
Times of Malta

But the media have another role. They can serve to generate publicity about a case where information is scant as well as highlighting the plight of individuals who have been denied justice.

The latter has certainly been the driving force behind a collective effort on behalf of the Maltese media to provide coverage for the men who allege they were victims of sexual abuse while they were boys at an orphanage in St Venera two decades ago.

It is possible to go one step further than that: Had the media not taken up the complaints of these alleged victims, their case could well have been forgotten – given that they first made their official complaint in 2003, and neither the Church’s Response Team, nor our justice system, has to date provided them with a remedy.


‘Smoking gun’ letter reveals official Vatican cover-up of child sex abusesIRELAND
Raw Story

By Stephen C. Webster
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

A letter written by a Vatican official in 1997, marked "strictly confidential," warned Irish bishops to avoid reporting the sexual abuse of children in the church, in hopes of avoiding public fallout from the scandals that were sure to ensue.

Victims' groups the world over were calling the letter -- first obtained by Irish broadcaster RTE -- the "smoking gun" which proves institutional complicity in untold thousands of reported sexual abuses.

The church has long maintained that it did not and would never instruct its bishops to engage in a cover-up of such heinous crimes: a claim that appeared to be false.

Vatican letter told Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report child abuseIRELAND
Guardian (United Kingdom)

A letter to Ireland's Roman Catholic bishops has been revealed by the broadcaster RTE that contradicts the Vatican's frequent claim it has never instructed clergy to withhold evidence or suspicion of child abuse from police.

The 1997 letter documents rejection of a 1996 Irish church initiative to help police identify paedophile priests. Signed by the late Archbishop Luciano Storero, Pope John Paul II's envoy to Ireland, it instructs bishops that their new policy of making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory "gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature".

Storero wrote that canon law, whereby allegations and punishments are handled within the church, "must be meticulously followed"; any bishop who tried to go outside canon law would face the "highly embarrassing" position of being overturned on appeal in Rome.

A 2009 Irish state report found this actually happened with Tony Walsh, one of Dublin's most notorious paedophiles, who exploited his role as an Elvis impersonator in a popular "All Priests Show" to get closer to children. In 1993, Walsh was defrocked by a secret church court, but successfully appealed to a Vatican court, and was reinstated in the priesthood in 1994. He raped a boy in a pub restroom that year. Walsh since has received a series of prison sentences, with a 12-year term imposed last month. Investigators estimate he raped or molested more than 100 children.

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